Where it all started.

Today Harvest Bible Chapel is a family of thousand of Christ-adoring worshippers at over 159 churches across the world.

However, HBC started with a group of 18 people, who gathered from five different churches across the northwest suburbs in North America.  These persons were unhappy with the state of the Church as they knew it and desired to form a new church that sought to glorify God and God alone.  Twenty-seven-year-old James MacDonald was invited to serve as their Senior Pastor.

The group developed a vision for this church, which grew into the Four Pillars—Unapologetic Preaching, Unashamed Adoration, Unceasing Prayer, and Unafraid Witness.

Built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and framed by these pillars, Harvest Bible Chapel was launched on September 18, 1988, at Rolling Meadows High School with 207 in attendance.